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High resistance and durability at significant concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.

Paraffin and asphaltenes do not almost accumulate on inner surface of these pipes.

In view of significantly lower rigidity of the composite pipes as compared to steel TGBs, their application is possible in wells with small curvature radius and larger slope angles, and horizontal wells.

Higher bearing capacity of screwed joints.

Use of more universal union joints of TGBs

The range includes TGBs with sizes complying steel pipe GOST that enables opportunity to use standard equipment for operation.

Engineering solutions aimed to unload tubing string on a paker are available.

Technology of restoration and repair of TGBs has been worked out.
High-strength joints (with centering bushing) are available for linear pipelines.

The company produces sets for collapsible pipelines allowing maintenance of fixed pipelines.

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