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Application of the CP cuts costs due to avoidance of corrosive steel and significantly cheaper and fast assembly.

Actually service life of steel pipes is 6-8 years (or quite expensive water treatment, pipe rust protection measures are required), under effect of stray currents through corrosion appears within a year.

Certified by MOSstroy Research Center guaranteed service life of the CPs is 25 years (estimated – up to 40 years). Expenses for repair and operation are cut. Thermal conductivity of CP is by 150 times lower than conductivity of steel that guarantees energy saving. 

Polypropylene (temperatures up to 700C) and cross-linked polyethylene (up to 950C) only are good for hot water supply, but they are more expensive than the CP. In addition, the CPs endures operating temperature of 1150С (at peak loads -1300С). The CPs do not accumulate buildups and guarantee continuous high quality of water, however steel pipes even with polymer coating buildups and bacteria colonies are inevitable on weld joints.

In artesian wells lift and well CPs operate longer than steep kinds of pipes. It allows to use smaller diameters, to save energy or to reduce a number of wells. As compared to PE and other plastics, the CPs enable to get pressure up and to reduce a number of booster station in case of long-distance waterways that also gives saving effect.

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