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Share-forming body used to product composite pipes under the continuous technology is self-feeding mandrels of various diameters. On mandrel surface there are movable in longitude direction sectors that make reciprocating movements in a specific way. Due to these movements, reeled on mandrel surface material is continuously moving in a set direction. The mandrel is adjoined to a continuous pipe production plant (CPPP) that makes mandrel mechanisms move. Sealing flouroplastic film is reeled on the mandrel so that epoxide does not get on the surface and inside the mandrel, then the mandrel is reeled with fiber glass roving part of which passed through an epoxide dipping bath, another part of the roving is reeled on the mandrel by a changing device. Moving on, the reeled materials pass through a curing oven where it is solidified. This is the production process of one-layer composite pipe. Such pipe fits for support and mast structures. For pressure-proof articles multi-layer pipes are produced, that is the pipe successively passes several stages of reeling and solidification. In addition, in course of reeling process pipe surface can be covered with decorative and fire-protective coatings. Then, the pipes are cut for required lengths, pipe ends are processed, and injection tubes undergo pressure tests. Finished pipes are packed and delivered to a customer.

Competitive advantages of the Perm Continuous Technology (PCT) 

  1. High production efficiency and relatively low cost value of pipes.
  2. The most wide opportunities of pipe diameter range, different types of fibers and operation conditions.
  3. The technology is fittest to product technological pipelines and pipelines of block heating systems due to minimal material losses in production of short pipes.
  4. PCT is the only known technological method allowing to control and regulate thickness and reinforcement structure without shutdowns.
  5. PCT is the flexibly fittest to produce new standard sizes of pipes. Preparation of the new production process is characterized by minimal terms and costs.
  6. In addition, organization of multi-layered pipe structure enables combination of different reinforcing fibers and a polymer binder. Due to layer-by-layer solidification overflowing of the binder between the layers is excluded.
  7. Layer-by-layer solidification in relatively thin layers of the pipe reduces internal stresses and defects in a polymer matrix facilitating maximum reliable leak tightness.
  8. The technology is not freakish in terms of quality of used feed stock.
  9. PCT is characterized by high environmental friendliness of production as emission of hazardous substances is localized within production premises.
  10. PCT is a Russian technology including patented intellectual property items.