Bazalt Group Research and Production Company LLC
18-16 Kommunisticheskaya str., Chusovoy town
+7 (342) 200-96-76
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High efficiency of production and relatively low cost value of the pipes
Environmental friendliness
Perm Continuous Technology is characterized by high environmental friendliness
The most wide opportunities of pipe diameter range, different types of fibers and operation conditions
Opportunity to control and regulate thickness and reinforcement structure without shutdowns

About the Company

Our company was established in 2018. BAZALT GROUP is an innovative company producing composite pipes and support and mast structures being a resident of Chusovoy Priority Social and Economic Development Area.

Our company is the only one in the Russian Federation that is able to produce and deliver a complete technological  complex of equipment for pipe and support production under the Perm Continuous Technology. The goods comply with GOST R 55068-2012 Glass-fibre - and basalt-fibre reinforced epoxy plastic pipes and parts of pipelines.

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